Advantages of working with Lakeside Catering:

  • Working with Lakeside Catering is more than just a summer job, it is a great opportunity for new experience, meeting new friends and building lasting memories. Many of our staff come back year after year and gain great experiences along the way plus learn how to handle greater challenges and responsibilities. Many of our staff start in junior positions and over the years end up filling some of our senior positions.
  • We have something for everyone at Lakeside Catering. If you are looking for a fun summer job, you will have fun inside and outside the kitchen. Our facilities that we cater to offer the opportunity for staff to enjoy many different sports and activities which may include, canoeing, rock climbing, mountain biking, windsurfing, basketball, campfires, swimming etc…
  • If you want to get into cooking as a profession we have experienced staff that can help you further your cooking and baking skills. We also have qualified people that can allow you to count your hours you work with us towards your Red Seal Chef Apprenteship.
  • Whether you are a just looking for a job to earn some money this summer, or you are a thinking of getting into cooking as a profession. Your experience at Lakeside Catering will provide you with an opportunity to earn income, develop responsibilities and good work habits, learn new skills and build lasting memories.

Job responsibilities

There are many advantages of working with Lakeside Catering, one of them is learning and practicing good job habits and developing a good work ethic. While there is a lot of fun in our job opportunities, staff are also expected to work hard, be team players, take feedback from their supervisors with a positive attitude, be reliable, show up on time, apply themselves to their jobs, respect the camp rules, perform their tasks and in general do a good job.

Things to keep in mind when you are applying


Lakeside Catering also encourages our staff to work fast and efficiently. At the beginning of the summer, the job can be challenging until everyone learns their roles and gets into good work habits. By the end of the summer a good kitchen team will have lots of long breaks and have time to enjoy all the great outdoor activities. We work as a team to get the job done.
Some of our camps are strictly non-smoking. If you smoke (even occasionally) it is essential you need to let us know so that we can place you at a camp that allows smoking in designated smoking area.
Using illegal drugs is not permitted. Alcohol is not permitted in of many of our summer camps we cater to. Only people who have reached the age of majority in camps that permit drinking are permitted to have a responsible drink after work. Breaking these rules will lead to immediate dismissal.
All employees once hired need to provide a Criminal Record Check (at your own expense) that is dated no more than 6 month before the start of your contract. See our information package for more information on how to get your Criminal Record Check.
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