What We Do

    • Healthy nutritious and delicious food >>
    • Cooking from scratch ingredients.
    • Fresh daily baking right in your facility.
    • Using local ingredient whenever available >>
    • A Strong, professional, approachable and friendly relationship with our customers.
    • A trouble free service. We hire the staff, purchase all the foods, and maintain a clean kitchen, All you have to do is show up to meals and ejoy!
    • Flexibility in tailoring our services to your needs.
    • Event planning for all your special needs.

  • Cost effective and competitive pricing.
  • Support from a management team with over 40 years combined experience in the food industry
  • Special diet support for all dietary needs.
  • Flexibility in developing custom menus for your group.
  • An ever evolving desire to keep up with the tastes of our customers by re-inventing ourselves in providing, quality, healthy and professional food services and new menu ideas.

Lakeside Catering has grown a reputation as the leaders in the Residential Catering in terms of food quality and service. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss how a partnership with Lakeside Catering might work for you.